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It all started at a sale barn in the holler of West Virgina. I have shown cattle for 10 years, and every year its always hard finding a new best friend.

I knew, soon as I saw this orange floof standing all pretty that Saturday morning...that he was coming home with me. He was everything I could have asked for in a show steer. We ended up bringing him home, winning shows, and we formed such an unbreakable bond. He had his own air conditioned trailer, traveled many states with me, and he is also the one who got me into social media:) He has over 30 million views on Tiktok, and has many fans. I knew the day he had to leave me was going to be extremely hard. So, after many conversations with my family, I am blessed enough to be able to say that he is still with me today. He is 4 years old, livin out his best life with a big group of ladies. We're so happy that he gets to be a bovine ambassador and show the world how great cattle truly are!


What's life like now?

  Well, Hoss is actually pretty busy in his retired life. He is always helping me make content on our instagram

   pages at:

Hoss now attends "Cow cuddling" events, school events, nursing homes and he is in many photoshoots. Check out our "Cow Cuddling" page in the menu^ to book a date with hoss.


My boy <3

Hoss has some really fun Tik Toks and Reels so make sure to check them out!

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