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Cow Cuddling with Hoss...

    Once we decided that Hoss could stay and live out the rest of his life here on the farm, we felt we should give him a job. Hoss is SO obsessed with attention & loves people so much, so we decided to start doing Cow Cuddling with him. We had our first event with him last year at Lehman's Hardware, and the turn out was amazing. He had a line of people waiting to meet him the entire 4 hours. It was amazing to see the smiles of everyone who have never gotten to pet a cow before. So after this amazing turnout we decided to open Hoss' event book to birthday parties, school events, business events, or wherever you would like to have him! 


To book a date with Hoss just contact us below & we can chat more!

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Cow Cuddling with Hoss...

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